Email/internet usage policy

Asteco Property Management LLC (the “Company”) provides all employees with electronic access, consisting of e-mail system, a network connection, and Internet/Intranet access.

By logging in to your personal account with the Company you agree to the terms of the below policy which governs all use of the Company’s network, Internet/Intranet access, and email system at all Company locations and offices. This policy includes, but is not limited to, electronic mail, chat rooms, the Internet, news groups, electronic bulletin boards, the Company’s Intranet and all other Company electronic messaging systems.

The Company’s email system, network and Internet/Intranet access are intended for business-use only. You may access e-mail and the Internet for personal use only strictly in compliance with the terms of this policy.

All information created, sent, or received via the Company’s email system, network, Internet or Intranet, including all e-mail messages and electronic files, is the property of the Company. You understand and agree that you should have no expectation of privacy regarding this information. The Company reserves the right to access, read, review, monitor and copy all messages and files on its computer system at any time and without notice. When deemed necessary, the Company reserves the right and to disclose text or images to law enforcement agencies or other third parties without your further consent.

Network and Internet access is provided as a tool for the Company’s business. The Company reserves the right to monitor, inspect, copy, review and store at any time, without prior notice, any and all usage of the Network and the Internet, as well as any and all materials, files, information, software, communications, and other content transmitted, received or stored in connection with this usage. All such information, content, and files are the property of the Company. You understand and agree that you should have no expectation of privacy regarding them. Network administrators may review files and intercept communications for any reasons, including but not limited to maintaining system integrity and ensuring employees are using the system consistently with this policy.

You understand that you are prohibited from using the Company’s email system, network, or Internet/Intranet access for the following activities:

  • Sending, printing or otherwise disseminating the Company’s proprietary data, or any other information deemed confidential by the Company, to unauthorized persons
  • Operating a business, soliciting money for personal gain or otherwise engaging in commercial activity outside the scope of employment
  • Sending or forwarding messages containing defamatory, obscene, offensive or harassing statements. An employee should notify their supervisor/and or Human Resources manager immediately upon receiving such message. This type of message should not be forwarded.
  • Sending or forwarding message that discloses personal information without Company authorization. This shall also include accessing, transmitting, receiving, or seeking confidential information about clients or fellow employees without authorization.
  • Engaging in unethical activities or content.
  • Participating in activities, including the preparation or dissemination of content, which could damage the Company’s professional image, reputation and/or financial stability.
  • Permitting or granting use of an email or system account to another employee or persons outside the Company. Permitting another person to use an account or password to access the Network or the Internet, including, but not limited to, someone whose access has been denied or terminated, is a violation of this policy.
  • Using another employee’s password or impersonating another person while communicating or accessing the Network or Internet.
  • Introducing a virus, harmful component, corrupted data or the malicious tampering with any of the Company’s computer systems.


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